Why The World Needs Anthropologists positions itself at the intersection of a cutting-edge academic conference and a rocking innovation event.

You will enjoy an immersive experience with our plenary session, meet new people in the City Hotspot area, improve your skills at thematic workshops and have an opportunity to share your ideas & work with the audience at case study presentations. In addition to that, you can participate at the meeting of European network of practising anthropologists. Beware! The late-night socializing might change your life forever.

We will bring together hands and minds that build our cities with a view to inspire and incite action, foster fruitful collaborations and exchange ideas and practices towards participating actively in the cities we live, build and work in.

If this is your “cup of tea”, WWNA is designed for you!

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Applied Anthropology Network (AAA) is the main European platform dedicated to the exchange of information and experiences related to practical applications of anthropology and ethnography. It enables a circular transfer of knowledge between academia, private and public sectors, NGOs, interest groups, students and other individuals.


“An amazing conference! And definitely one of the best I have been to. Looking forward to the next one.”

Sarah Pink, Professor of Design and Emerging Technologies at Monash University (2018)

“What I really appreciated was the variety of formats and ways of engaging. It made things much more dynamic and thought-provoking.”

Jamer Hunt, Vice Provost for Transdisciplinary Initiatives at The New School (2018)

“The energy was terrific, and I am thrilled to have met so many fantastic people and hear awesome presentations. I had fun and learned a great deal.”

Alisse Waterston, ex-President of AAA and Professor of Anthropology at CUNY (2018)


“The speakers at the conference were immensely succinct and clear in their presentation, but the main surprise and highlight was the humour in the presentations. Super loved it. Thank you.”

“All the discourses were inspiring and empowering. It felt amazing to be there and be in contact with this bright network.”

“Feeling proud to be an anthropologist. I think it was an excellent conference and can’t wait for 2019!”

Participants of WWNA 2018

“The symposium organized by EASA Applied Anthropology Network in Amsterdam confirmed that there is a great demand for more practical anthropological knowledge.”

Noel Salazar, KU Leuven, former EASA President (2014)

“The stereotypical image of anthropologists as weird people studying local customs in odd corners of the globe could not be less accurate, according to speakers at ‘Why the World Needs Anthropologists’.”

Giulia Sinatti, VU Amsterdam (2015)

“There is the need to have a broader conversation about why anthropology is still useful and has a great deal of application instead of a fossilized discipline that no one needs.”

Carla Guerrón Montero, University of Delaware (2016)

“As one of the members protested at the meeting in Milan, business does not have to be branded ‘bad’: why should it be wrong, for example, to help understand the needs of people with functional diversity and communicate their preferences to the companies who supply them with different kinds of technical aids?”

Margaret Bullen, University of the Basque Country (2017)

“The title ‘Why the World Needs Anthropologists’, asserting that our planet absolutely cannot do without anthropologists, may seem pretentious and just preaching to the choir. But it is critical to raise awareness of anthropology’s important contributions and presence in non-traditional environments.”

Meta Gorup and Dan Podjed, founders of EASA Applied Anthropology Network (2016)