12 Sep 2021
CAMP - Platform


Inspired by the “movements of the squares” such as those born in Seattle, Barcelona, Athens, or Cairo, and invigorated by the massive feminist assemblies across Latin America, our Assembly is a space in time and moment where all elements of WWNA 2021 come together: all participants can join to collectively share the impressions from the previous two days in attempts to exchange and build on their hopes, ideas, and goals. 

Crafting our collective objectives, the WWNA 2021 Manifesto will come together here.

Since the capacity for on-site attendance is limited, coordinators will select the participants. Mark your interest during online Registration (part of Ticket purchase).


Access: onsite + online

Capacity: app. 40 people + unlimited online

Length: 2 h 15 min

Date: 12 September, 10:30-12:45

Location: CAMP, IPR Prague – Platform

Coordinator: Mina Baginova + Advisory Group


Photo credit: BoysPlayNice