26 Oct 2019
13:30 - 16:30


Full name: Design to Mobilize – A Multidisciplinary Hackathon to make Oslo’s Cultural Scene more Social & Inclusive

Time: 13:30 – 16:30

Location: TBA

The workshop is facilitated by:

Aim of the workshop

At this workshop we’ll combine anthropology, urban planning and architectural approaches towards making cultural arena in Oslo more inclusive, and applying a multidisciplinary lens to user experiences through a specific case. How do we work together across our relevant spheres for more inclusivity in Oslo’s cultural scene? What skills, tools, mindsets and knowledge do we bring to this problem, and how can we capitalize on this diversity to crack the specific problem around cities and lack of inclusivity in the cultural sphere? What does anthropology, design, urban planning and architecture bring to these complex polemics- from a social, technological, design and communication perspective?

Using the LastCall app as a testing ground, we want to learn from and across different disciplines and practices, for a solution that is more social and more inclusive.


Anthropologists will be challenged to adapt their approach to digital and technological frames, and designers, architects and urban planners to think beyond their traditional toolboxes. Participants will be divided into groups, with a mix of professional backgrounds for this session.


We would like the participants to download the application and become familiar with it before the session and to think about the service in the context of ‘being more social’ and as a ‘portal for discovery’ in the cultural arena, in Oslo. How does the app contribute to that? Where do you think it fails? Who do you think is more or less likely to use this application (think about more than just demographic factors, also about mindsets and behaviours)? What are the barriers to being more social in Oslo? We’ll share these reflections within a broader discussion to compare our perspectives. Reflecting on this in advance will be a great asset.

Participants should bring a pen, paper, mobile phones and laptops!

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