Workshop: Insightful Jobs

Demonstrating the Value of Reflexive Thinking.
29 Oct 2017
9:30 - 13:00
Joachim Room, College of St Hild & St Bede, Durham, DH1 1SZ

Workshop: Insightful Jobs


Aim of the workshop

Anthropological training focuses on developing the practice of participant observation and the analysis of related insight. In this workshop, we bring together anthropologists and non-anthropologists to understand the underlying processes of anthropology and consider how it applies in different contexts.  The background of each participant becomes relevant in the workshop by reflecting on their prior activities and how these would benefit from insightful thinking.

Gained skills

Participants will take away: perspectives on anthropological methods as reflexive thinking tools; ideas for and examples of non-academic job roles, companies and sectors that value anthropological approaches; strategies for selling their skills in commercial and public sector contexts.

Preparatory work

Participants should reflect on their own experiences in their academic and work lives, and bring them along to share with the group.