Marianne Sætre: Towards Innovative Architecture – Collaborating with Anthropologists

Marianne Sætre: Towards Innovative Architecture – Collaborating with Anthropologists

At Snøhetta we are open and inclusive in sharing our knowledge – and we are eager to learn.

We want to explore the premises of each individual project; tailoring processes and working with transpositioning to challenge preconceptions, learn from each other and push boundaries.

By taking a holistic approach we create conditions that foster close collaboration between people of diverse cultural and disciplinary backgrounds. This framework allows Snøhetta to formulate innovative concepts that are as robust as they are flexible. A clear conceptual narrative provides a strong backbone for new architectural solutions and an overall sustainable focus.

We believe the world needs anthropologists in order to identify the intrinsic reciprocal relationship between human behavior and the built environment. Human behavior is the key factor for the success or failure of sustainable solutions in architecture and urban development alike. By looking into different case studies, I shall attempt to identify how anthropological/ethnographic research could become relevant in the field of architecture.

The case studies to be presented will include the Opera in Oslo, an urban development in Paris, as well as a smaller project such as the Friluftssykehuset. Snøhetta’s experience and insight will give an example for successful collaborative projects as well as inspire for future initiatives.


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