Workshop: Mining history

29 Oct 2017
10:00 - 13:00
Meeting point outside Calman Learning Centre, Lower Mountjoy, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE

Workshop: Mining history


  • Sandra Bell, Department of Anthropology, Durham University

Aim of the workshop

A walking tour of Durham featuring its hidden history as the centre of what was once the largest coalfield in England.

What will be going on in the workshop

The walking tour will reveal Durham’s hidden mining history and will, among other, include a visit to the Durham Miners’ Association Headquarters. Participants will be encouraged to document the tour using cameras – a selection of best photos will be shared through “Why the world needs anthropologists” channels.

Gained skills

Participants will gain insights into how urban landscapes provide clues to the past that are easily overlooked.

Participants should bring:

camera (optional)