Mobilizing the Planet: Evening session

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Mobilizing the Planet: Evening session

The second day will conclude in CAMP with an unusually packed auditorium and full programme:


Access: onsite + online

Length: 2 h 30 min

Date: 11 September, 18:00-20:30

Location: CAMP, IPR Prague – Black room and Online

Moderator: Trude Lerfald


Mobilizing the Planet Talks

Angelina Kussy

Angelina Kussy

  • Activist and Economic Anthropologist
  • Member of the Department of Anthropology, Philosophy and Social Work of the Rovira i Virgili University.


For an Anthropology of the Municipalist Movement: Why It Matters

The multiple crises we live through, the environmental crises, the social reproductive crises, the migratory crises, and the crises of political representation are all originated in political reasons but still lack any coherent political strategy to tackle them all together. In this talk I will present the global municipalist movement which assembling different social movements and local governments tries not only to alleviate some of the consequences of those crises — providing foundation for resistance — but also envision an alternative future political paradigm who would avoid creating structural conditions for their appearance. I will show the decolonizing potential of the Fearless Cities movement and explain why the anthropological critique should engage more with it; how the ethnographic method, reflexivity and research-action can help it flourish and influence the directions it takes.


Mariya Ivancheva

Mariya Ivancheva

Founding member of PrecAnthro pressure group, and President (2021-2023) of the European Association of Social Anthropologists.

Mariya is also a member of the collectives LeftEast and the Bulgarian Left-feminist group LevFem, and is active with the E.A.S.T. and ELMO networks.


This talk draws on my own research trajectory to discuss issues that have pushed my research and political agenda from one of a scholar of activism increasingly into that of an activist scholar via initiatives within (PrecAnthro, EASA) and outside (LeftEast, LevFem) academia. Starting with the ‘civil society’ term and its career in the East-West intellectual dialogue in the last decade of the Cold War, the talk takes stock of how different theoretical currents and mobilisations, research field sites across Europe, Latin America, Southern Africa and real-life predicaments of social mobilisation within and outside academic settings, have informed my thinking of ‘civil society’ as a dangerously limiting mobilising frame. 

Engaging with its intersectionally unequal spatial and temporal horizons, I discuss how such a frame renders invisible those living in precarious living and working conditions, and has made alternative frames and forms, routes and rhythms of social organisation a growing necessity. Against this background, I draw on some topics which academia in general and anthropology in specific are pushed to face frontally today, and reflect on our limitations and strengths in doing so.

Coordinators: Mina Baginova,


Apply Awards

At this year’s Why the World Needs Anthropologists, we will celebrate change-makers who are creating movements across the globe. The 1st annual WWNA Apply Awards will recognize outstanding achievements in translating anthropological knowledge into action as reflected in a single project or specific endeavour. 

Handing over unique glass objects designed by Czech Grand Design nominee Jiří Krejčiřík, The International Jury will award three winners in “The Annual Apply Award” category and three winners in “The Social Movements Award” category.

This year we specifically focus on the value of applying anthropology to create sustainable and liveable futures. 

Jury members: Ferne Edwards, Roos Gerritsen, Miia Halme-Tuomisaari, Gemma John

Special guest: Jiří Krejčiřík

Coordinators: Ferne Edwards, Roos Gerritsen


Co-organisers and Applied Anthropology Network’s Announcements

Concluding the evening session, the Advisory Group and Organising Committee will come together to share several announcements and to invite you to the important “action-oriented” agenda of Day 3.


Do you wish to “mobilize” with us and be more involved in projects to come?

What changes in the Applied Anthropology Network are to be expected?

Are you curious in which country WWNA is going to land in 2022?

Coordinators: Advisory Group and Organising Committee


Photo Credit: Applied Anthropology Network