Perspectives I

28 Oct 2023
Kino Mediteran: Porat 27, 21400, Supetar

Perspectives I

Short and fast-paced presentations followed by a Q&A session, moderated by Anna Berza.

Vladimir R. Gil Ramón: Transcending cultural population traps: Decision-making and (in)mobility in the face of El Niño – Southern Oscillation and Oil Spills risks in Peru.

Živa Gornik: Mastrubation as a form of disconnection

Kristina Krakić & Lea Glavaš: Crisis, shortage, loneliness… – ethnography of life of the elderly in isolated areas in Banija

Nadia Molek & Juan Esteban de Jager: Exploring Workplace Isolation: Unraveling Hero Culture and Silo Mentality

Liina Rajaveer: The positive power of isolation at work

Mel Kalfanti: On rage and care: affective networks in the face of gender-based violence in Greece

Filip Marko Srdić & Lana Bunić: „I only want to live“ – Persistent Transition: Isolation of Transgender Individuals – Places of In-Between, Experimentation and Precarity in Everyday Spaces

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