Perspectives I

Access: onsite and online
24 Sep 2022
Institute of European Ethnology, Mohrenstraße 41, 10117 Berlin

Perspectives I

Pecha Kucha-style presentations up to 7 mins. The format will welcome talks by WWNA partners and sponsors, as well as selected participants. 

Perspectives will be followed by an energetic panel and Q&A, and will be livestreamed online. A dedicated moderator will ensure that online questions are asked to onsite participants. 

  • Designing for Children with Children – Jaanika Jaanits (onsite)
  • The usefulness of the anthropologist in a forest’s change – Urszula Małecka (onsite)
  • Anthropology as Mediation Between Alternate Realities – Freya Williams and Sara Mosle (onsite)
  • Is the Future Pre-loved?: Purity & Fashion in Czech vintage stores – Varvara Borisova (onsite)
  • From Research to Outreach: Ethnography for inclusive Systems Design – Frauke Mörike (onsite)
  • Designing beyond human-centred design – Nattapon Sukprasong (onsite)
  • Reigniting humanity: Ways of connecting in a disconnected world – Louise Pasteur de Faria (onsite)
  • Algorithms threatening societal sustainability? The importance of regenerating digital consumers analysis – Julien Martinet (online)
  • A wake-up call for NGOs, educators and public officials from the old world – Astrid van Steen and Lionel Ochs (onsite)

Access: onsite and online

Date: Saturday 24 September, 11:30-13:30

Locations: Institute of European Ethnology, Mohrenstraße 41, 10117 Berlin

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