Perspectives II

Access: onsite and online
24 Sep 2022
Institute of European Ethnology, Mohrenstraße 41, 10117 Berlin

Perspectives II

Pecha Kucha-style presentations up to 7 mins. The format will welcome talks by WWNA partners and sponsors, as well as selected participants. 

Perspectives will be followed by an energetic panel and Q&A, and will be livestreamed online. A dedicated moderator will ensure that online questions are asked to onsite participants.

  • Driving Cross-Cultural Understanding with Children’s Media – Horowitz Research (online)
  • Why the World Needs Creator Anthropologists – Matt Artz (onsite)
  • Beyond Delight: how technology can give people super senses – Maria Cury and Ian Dull (onsite)
  • The Teenage Gaze: A Visual History of Moral Panics About Adolescent Behaviour – Joseph Burgess Wilson (online)
  • A critique to the generational(?) divide – Terioska Gámez (online)
  • Response-ability, plants and humans going through COVID-19: a case study at brazilian sertão – Janice Trajano (onsite)
  • Why sustainability is not about technology but about culture (and how anthropologists can help)  – Walter Faaij (online)
  • Virtual Distancing – Lionel Ochs (onsite)

Access: onsite and online

Date: Saturday 24 September, 14:30-16:30

Locations: Institute of European Ethnology, Mohrenstraße 41, 10117 Berlin

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