The Perspectives Session offers the possibility to present specific case studies related to work with and in sustainable cities. Presentations are (strictly) limited to 7 minutes but may take any form chosen. They do however have to place the given case in relation to a common main question: “What still needs to be done?”

10:05-11:05 Perspectives – Round I

•    With Company: Sustaining Territories / Thinking Beyond the City
•    EGGS: Drilling for Value: Designing Loveable Futures on a Triple Bottom-line
•    Stripe Partners: Systems Thinking for Smart City Design
•    MJMJ/Riga: Anthropology and Architecture: Between Convincing and Critique
•    NTNU: Map and Terrain in Anthropology and Architecture
•    Helene Veiga Gomes: Urban Narratives for the Future
•    Last Call: Inclusive Cultural Scenes with LastCall

Moderator: Martin D. Frederiksen

11:05-11:15 Break

11:15-12:30 Perspectives – Round II and Reflections

•    Ironhack: Owlshare: Empowering Senior Citizens in their Communities
•    InProcess: Sustaining the Frontline, Service Industry Workers Surviving in Big Cities
•    Subvertising Norway: Reclaim the Streets: Ad-Busting as a Means of Hacking the City
•    Gro Grønt: Food Independence in Urban Areas
•    Give a Shit/IADE-UE: Shaping (Future) Cities with Toilets
•    Designit: Sustainability and the City

Moderators: Martin D. Frederiksen and Pavel Borecký