Registration, City Hotspot and Nutshell sessions

25 Oct 2019

Registration, City Hotspot and Nutshell sessions


On arrival at the Registration Desk, you will be given “Sustaining Cities” package and booklet. Only participants with Eventbrite ticket and completed registration will be permitted to the venues.

City Hotspot

Our partners and sponsors present themselves at the City Hotspot. Do not miss the opportunity to mingle with enthusiasts from all sorts of domains – academia, industry and non-for-profits.


“Bring your coffee and get into the mood”

WWNA Nutshell is an informal breakfast-lecture of ABCs and Q&As in, either, social anthropology or architecture/urbanism. In Oslo, it will consist of 2x 2 sessions run by host organisers. Since the capacity is limited, a proper registration for “beginners-only” is necessary.