Site-specific activities

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12 Sep 2021
Prague - various places

Site-specific activities

On the Sunday afternoon of WWNA, Prague itself is going to become an event through three site-specific activities for you to take your pick. 

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You can choose one from the following activities: 

Through the temporary No-one’s Land”: The city and its past, present and future, with Epos 257 & Michal Lehečka

Rohanský ostrov and Bubny: extensive development areas of Prague, places that have largely been deserted for the most part recently and seemingly nothing has been happening to them. Places that still radiate their past to us and their desolation seems to remind us of what our current society couldn’t have (and still can’t) deal with. 

Yet right behind the corner, excavations are being done and brand new fashionable fences decorate the image of a brightly polished future. One question resonates in these places: whether this future offers answers to the burning questions of the city and life in it for all of us.

Together with Epos 257, a visual artist working with the urban environment and iconography of the city and Michal Lehečka, an urban anthropologist (Anthropictures), we will visit the areas of Rohanský ostrov and travel via ferry through Karlín to Bubny to uncover the stories of these development areas that have for long attracted the attention of activists as well as anthropologists. 

Together we’ll discuss the social history of these areas as well as the post-socialist city development and its social consequences, the trajectories of both human and non-human actors existing in them and we will try to unmask the supposed contradiction between the order of urbanism and the chaos of the passage of time and human activity in the city.

Start: 14:00, CAMP

Location: Rohanský ostrov & Bubny


Shifting the perspective: A walk focused on women’s homelessness with Jako doma (Homelike)

Why do some women have no place to call home, who are they, and how can we help them?

Jako doma is the first Czech non-profit organization that has set itself the task of turning rhetorical questions into a real agenda to address. Since 2012, it focuses on supporting and empowering women experiencing homelessness and multiple disadvantages, provides legal and social consulting for homeless women and draws attention to the specific challenges they face. 

Together with Zuzana, a peer worker from Jako doma, we will have the opportunity to explore various places in Prague such as Charles Square, Wenceslas Square, Masaryk Railway Station or Florenc from a perspective distant to our everydayness. 

The walk will be accompanied by Zuzana’s lecture on women’s homelessness, precarity and gender-specific perspectives on violence against women in Czech Republic, stigmatisation and financial (in)dependence of homeless people, types of supporting organizations, and of course about Jako doma itself. 

Zuzana’s speech will be kindly translated into English by one of our volunteers. 

Start: 14:00, CAMP

Location: Charles Square, Wenceslas Square, Masaryk Railway Station, Florenc


Interactive project: Zachraň jídlo! (Save the Food!) in Atrium na Žižkově with Marie Kašparová

While as much as 53% of food waste in the European Union comes from households, 33 million people cannot afford a quality meal every second day. Coming from households, food services and retail, the food waste issue remains largely underestimated. It’s time to remind ourselves of the complexity of the ethical, economical and environmental crisis hidden beneath… 

The interactive project Zachraň jídlo! (Save the Food!) shows how to further use the food that appears to have its best behind it. The authors of the exhibition project are curator Fuczik and artists Vendula Chalánková and Viliam Slaminka. They work with the facts provided by the Save the Food! organization and clearly present them to the public in an interactive space that educates and entertains. 

One of our volunteers will kindly accompany you to Atrium na Žižkově, a former baroque church with unforgettable atmosphere where the exhibition takes place. Marie Kašparová, the director of Atrium is going to give a talk regarding the exhibition and the venue itself. 

Marie’s speech will be kindly translated into English by one of our volunteers. 

Start: 14:00, CAMP
Location: Atrium na Žižkově


Access: onsite
Length: 3h 30 min
Date: 12 September, 14:00-17:30
Location: Prague – various areas

Coordinators: Aneta Brunerová, Mina Baginova


Picture credit: BoysPlayNice

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