Social event – Activist Disco Night, P.M. Club

ACCESS: OPEN (join us in P.M. Club)
11 Sep 2021
P.M. Club / OPEN and FREE

Social event – Activist Disco Night, P.M. Club

Every revolution needs dancing!

After individual dinners, we will reunite in P.M. Club, a former cinema hall with history reaching back to 1929 now converted into a popular dance venue with a dash of retro vibes. P.M. Club is located just around the corner from CAMP in Trojická street. 

Take all your friends with you! This event is accessible to WWNA guests as well as their close ones and the wide public.

Who else should play the right music for an anthropological party than a musical anthropologist?

Come and grab a drink or two with us and get excited for dense dance’s DJ set which will include various genres from soul, funk, disco and italo disco to synth pop, house, electro, and beyond.

Motto: less observation, more participation, going native on the dance floor!

Check the location here.

Drinks are covered by WWNA participants, both cash and credit cards are accepted.

Coordinators: Aneta Brunerová and Petra Smutná