26 Oct 2019
13:30 - 16:30
ROM 3514 (3rd floor)


Time: 13:30 – 16:30

Location: ROM 3514 (3rd floor)

The workshop is facilitated by:

  • Aim of the workshop

    • The city plays a massive role in our daily lives today and in us, our behavior. However, what is “my” city (or cities) role in my own character, my persona? And how can “I” enhance city development? We are experts in ourselves and our needs, no matter our technical expertise. We will explore our knowledge of ourselves and our behavior to reconnect and build the city, one that can sustain personal development amongst urban development. More than a smart city, a wise human city. “The city in me” workshop aims to explore the human-centered city in the age of the smart mediums, bringing personal driven-data to the city discussion and development and essentially it aims to:
      • A. Create a safe place of discussion and exploration: an informal conversation
      • B. Understand and validate how space/ urban territory influenced and defined “who am I” and “what I do”
      • C. Reflect on the potential wishes/dreams (“who am I” and “what I do”)
      • D. Explore how can my future/ ideal goals (on “who am I” and “what I do”) influence and impact the city
      • E. Define a strategy as an output
      • F. Allow a different perspective on city issues where the person in at the centre (more engagement and potential action)
      • G. Allow to reflect and discuss deeper this subject one-on-one with other people (directly on indirectly related to the subject)


      • The workshop will start by allowing participants to connect with each other and get to know each other: who they are and what they do: thinking out loud and using objects to build a storytelling. After this moment, participants will reflect on how space and urban territory impacted them: objects/images are collected to build each personal and detailed universe: each builds and shares.
        Individually each person reflects on future goals and dreams, and how one can be a better version of self and do better or more what they love. Symbolic objects are selected.
        Considering those dreams/symbolic objects, participants are invited to focus on those to explore city/space elements that respond to those goals, in a group, as a community.
        The final mapping per group will clarify individual and group priorities for the city, reframing major city challenges.


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