26 Oct 2019
13:30 - 15:00
Outside – Meet-up outside the entrance of Georg Sverdrups Hus


Time: 13:30 – 15:00

Location: Outside – Meet-up outside the entrance of Georg Sverdrups Hus

      The workshop is facilitated by:


  • Aim of the workshop

    • To learn about the local involvement for the blue-green infrastructure in the planning and building process
    • To give participants a unique insight into a grassroots movement working towards re-thinking Oslo as a green and blue city. This tour will raise awareness of how returning to old ways can be the answer to future plans.


    • Oslo Elveforum will take participants along on a guided tour in the neighboring environment of the University, where the organization and other local forces have worked hard to reopen the creek Gaustadbekken in the green landscape through the valley. This will give participants a unique introduction to the immediate surroundings to the University and experiencing with their own eyes and senses the transformation of Oslo to a more sustainable city, and the work that lies behind.
    • The transformation of Gaustadbekkdalen has been going on for many years. The valley was once a beautiful agricultural scene with green hillsides and an open creek. During the 1960s the creek was put through pipes to make way for big-scale urban development. The local community has been engaged in the blue-green environment in the valley. Many years of hard work and fighting with and against major actors such as the University, Statsbygg (Norwegian government’s key advisor in construction and property affairs), local and central governments and more, has finally shown to give positive results, and this will be illustrated throughout the tour.


    • None – But be sure to dress according to the weather forecast this day!

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