Welcome Day 2 and Perspectives

27 Oct 2018
10:00 - 12:30

Welcome Day 2 and Perspectives

On arrival to ISCTE, you will be given the booklet, your badge and “Designing the Future” package at the Registration Desk (in case you still don’t have it). Only participants with Eventbrite ticket and completed registration will be permitted.

If you feel like, and you did not do it before, here you can make the donation into a Donation Box. There is a team of helpful volunteers, familiar with the programme, the venue, and the surrounding area, that you can turn to when in need of assistance.


“Perspectives: Powered by PechaKucha” are speed talks where attendees from different areas and sectors take over the stage to present their ideas and projects.

LOCATION of DAY 2 activitiesISCTE – University Institute Of LisbonAv. das For.as Armadas 36, 1649-026 Lisboa

For Google Map and detailed info on transportation, see “Location“.


From 10.00 to 11.00  

Matthew J. Lariviere (University of Sheffield, UK)  

Design and wellbeing: Ancient principles for future care tech

Tracy Pilar Johnson & Nikki Tyler (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID, USA) 

Global health, by design

Catherine Willems (Future Footwear Foundation, Belgium) 

Natural feet are back in fashion 

Stine Louring (Aalborg University, Denmark)  

Lighting up Midwifery Practice 

Anne Schiffer (Leeds Beckett University, Germany)  

Using human insight to design energy futures: reflections on working in The Gambia 

Isabelle Moussaoui  (Electricité de France, France) 

Designing the future(s) by sharing the past: How a serious game based on historical assets can help to build a common path to the future 

Mateusz Halawa (School of Form, Poland) 

Doing Design Anthropology Education in a Stalinist Skyscraper. 

Antonella Fabri & Pamela Roach (Caleidoscopio research and Breakthrough group, USA) 

Barriers and perspectives on risk and preparedness in the context of disasters.  

Ezri Carlebach (University of Greenwich, UK) 

The Future is Dead. Long Live the Future! 


30-minute break  

From 11.30 to 12.30 

Jagna Jaworowska (School of Form, Poland) 

Future designers meet anthropology 

Howard Horowitz (Horowitz Research, USA) 

The Power of Ethnography for Consumer Insights 

Aga Szypicyn  (Stripe Partners, UK)  

The power of future (design) thinking. 

Marco Ermidas & Guadalupe Carvalho (Beta-i, Portugal)  

WTF am I doing at this company? 

Cristina Conesa (A Piece of Pie, Spain) 

Fuzzies and techies make it better 

Flavia Canelo (Inter-cultura, Argentina)  

Creating experiences to know, involve and transform. 

Fernando Galdino Pedron (GfK Verein, Germany)  

Ethno-Futures: Already here, not evenly distributed. 

Simone Ashby (Madeira Interactive Technology Institute, Portugal)  

Words in Freedom 

Jitske Kramer (Human Dimensions, Netherlands)  

Building Tribes – chiefs and change.


Contact person: Verónica Reyero, WWNA Perspectives Coordinator

ModeratorsVerónica Reyero and Pavel Borecký