Will my self-driving car kill me?

26 Oct 2018
12:00 - 12:45

Will my self-driving car kill me?

Will my self-driving car kill me?: We need an interventional design anthropology of emerging technologies

Sarah Pink

Distinguished Professor at RMIT University

Emerging technologies, such as autonomous driving (AD) cars are already ubiquitous in the imagined futures of technology designers, automotive companies and urban planners. The narratives of future they plan and regulate for are either utopian fantasies where AD will bring new benefits to society, as long as people accept, trust and adapt as required or dystopian scenarios where ethical and transport planning scenarios become complex and potentially fatal. Neither the hopes or anxieties of these imagined futures attend to how and why people use technology. An interventional design anthropology explicates how our automated futures are likely to play out and seeks to change how emerging technologies and their possible roles in society are conceptualised.