W2: Designing Your Future – Storytelling from Academia to Industry

27 Oct 2018
13:30 - 16:00
Building 2, Room B202

W2: Designing Your Future – Storytelling from Academia to Industry

Time: 13:30 – 16:00

Location: ISCTE, Building 2, Room B202


Aim of the workshop

This workshop demystifies the process of transitioning from an academic background to one as a researcher in industry. It will enable participants to identify transferable skills from their anthropology background, provide examples on how to frame their experience for corporate audiences through the form of a portfolio, and practice creating a narrative to describe personal and project (i.e. case study) experience.  

Although this workshop will be most helpful to individuals with anthropology experience who are interested in careers in user experience research or strategy, discussions will also benefit anyone interested in furthering their understanding of how to tell their story in non-academic environments. 

What will be going on in the workshop

  • Introduction 
  • Navigating Career Paths – Discussion around different paths within ethnography in the private sector, common perceptions of academic anthropologists entering industry (and how to overcome them), and navigating ethics in non-academic environments.
  • Crafting your Narrative – An individual and paired exercise in on how to craft a narrative through the format of a portfolio.
  • Creating your Case Study – A guided exercise on how to create a case study to include in a portfolio, including how to address methodological differences between academia and industry.
  • Final Wrap up

Gained skills

  • experience framing your academic experience in a way that translates to industry research 
  • example of a successful portfolio from an anthropologist turned industry researcher  
  • new methods to approach telling your story as a researcher 
  • experience creating a memorable career narrative framing your transition to industry 
  • practice framing a research case study for your portfolio

Participants should bring:

  • a favourite notebook and pen, if they have one