Workshops cont’d

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11 Sep 2021
Charles University

Workshops cont’d

Workshops – continuing from the previous Workshops finished after the coffee break

Action and inspiration-focused workshops lead by social movements scholars, anthropologists working on and with social movements, activists, and radical social change practitioners.

Direct examples of creative activism, as well as responsible and public social research, and inspiration from the work of practitioners working on just and sustainable social change.


W1 (on-site & online): LiiV Centre for Digital Anthropology – Digital Anthropology Innovation: Why innovative technology tools and methods can bring more humanity with big data to ensure digital cultures are seen clearly, treated ethically, and served equally 

This workshop will explore how UNESCO and the LiiV Centre for Digital Anthropology are working together to advance the field through the research and development of innovative tools and methods that elevate the role of the digital anthropology skill set across the public and private sectors; championing globally for digital anthropologists to have an equal seat at the table (next to data scientists) when leaders are making decisions about how to help the people they serve.  


W2 (on-site only): Creative Dock: Change-makers through digital innovation

Innovation can produce important changes to the way business is done and the way consumers experience changes to the products and services made by the companies. At Creative Dock we believe in placing people’s needs at the heart of all research and design activities. During the workshop participants will get familiar with the Innovation Process methodology used at Creative Dock. During our collaborative workshop we will spark innovation, foster a user-centric approach, and work together to design a digital product/service that could bring social change.


W3 (on-site only): HALO Ethnographic Bureau: Developing Future Scenarios through Ethnographic Thinking, Livia Pinent & Louise Pasteur de Faria

The workshop is divided in two parts: the first is an explanatory phase, when we are going through the concepts and some theory on Ethnographic Thinking and applied anthropology. The second part is a practical exercise for the participants to apply the knowledge acquired based on a Ethnographic Thinking map to guide the exercise.


W4 (on-site only): Lleca Teatro, Mick Sarria & Julienne Weegels

This workshop takes a physical theatre approach to imprisonment and political/social violence. Its aim is to share with the participants both our experiences making theatre in and about prisons and violence in Nicaragua, and our methodology building creative spaces for communication, reflection and liberation amid structural constraints.


W5 (on-site only): De-mobilizing via Unconditional Basic Collective:

Prague based Unconditional Basic Collective is developing the programme of unconditional basic income pilots, which differ from current “experimenting” with unconditional basic income (UBI) in several basic features.


W6 (on-site only): Watch the Med – Alarm Phone: Externalization of EU borders and the impact of climate change, Muhammad Al-Kashef

The relationship between migration and the environment is not new. We have many examples in history of people choosing or being forced to migrate because of changes in their physical environments. What is new now is that the world is grappling with the devastating impacts of climate change in the scope of the externalization of EU borders. With greater awareness came increased political recognition and there is now a widespread consensus on the need to address the adverse impacts of climate change on the migration of people now and in the future.


W7 (on-site only): Anthropictures: Applied anthropology, anthropologists and non-anthropologists. Defining new profession for the Czech republic, Linda Kovářová & Eliška Bartošová

Defining a profession within the field “work with community”.


Access: onsite, except for workshop #1 by the LiiV Centre for Digital Anthropology, which will also be streamed online

Length: 1 h 30 min 

Date: 11 September, 15:30-17:00.

Location: Faculty of Arts, Charles University

Coordinator: Mina Baginova


Photo credit: Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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