28 Oct 2023
Various - see workshop descriptions


All workshops happen at either the Supetar Primary School: Porat 25, 21400, Supetar or outdoors around Supetar.

WS1: Pick them all! Olive oil making and tasting (outdoors)

WS2: Squeeze the juice! Wine making and tasting (outdoors)

WS3: Build the wall! Stone wall making (outdoors)

WS4: Quiet, please! A visit to Blaca hermitage (bus & walking tour) (outdoors, entrance 7 EUR per person)

WS5: Sensory walk with AAN team (Rajko Muršič) & local guides (outdoors)

WS6: Science of mindfulness (Supetar Primary School, organized by Jelena Matić Bojić)

WS7: Show me the money: Successful grant writing practices, with Carla Guerrón Montero (Supetar Primary School)

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