Lora Koycheva

Petra Smutná

Petra Smutná is a student of socio-cultural anthropology at Charles University in Prague. She is currently conducting her ethnographic research for her master thesis about...
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Kika Barreto

Kika Barreto is a Portuguese-Brazilian anthropologist who holds an MA in Anthropology with a specialization in Visual Cultures from the Nova University of Lisbon. Currently,...
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Pavel Borecký

Pavel Borecký holds MSc in Sustainable Development (Prague) and MA in Social Anthropology, Audiovisual Ethnography (Tallinn). Currently, he finishes his PhD project “Living Water” on...
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Mina P. Baginova

Mina P. Baginova is a social anthropologist and a social movements researcher currently working on contemporary feminist mobilizations rising against the far-right politics in East Central...
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