Lana Peternel

Heinrich Schwarz

Heinrich Schwarz, Ph.D., is an innovation strategist, business anthropologist, and design thinker. He is founder and director of Schwarz Innovation, a strategic innovation consultancy helping companies turn...
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Simon Provoost

Simon is a recent graduate in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies and Umanyx Escuela de Humanidades Aplicadas. Simon used to chair the student representatives at...
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Bérénice Perroud

Bérénice Perroud is a French/independent socio-cultural anthropologist specializing in food anthropology and consumption. Convinced by the power of the social sciences and the cultural ecological...
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Anna Berza

Anna Berza is a Romanian anthropologist, currently based in Zürich. She holds a MA in Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology and Folklore and has written her thesis...
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Bhavesh Jadva

Bhavesh Jadva is a development researcher in television in London. This involves research in developing ideas for new, formatted programmes across platforms and channels. He...
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