AAN Mentorship Program

First Cohort - Spring 2024

The first rendition of the AAN Mentorship Program with an amazing line-up of 14 mentors and mentees ran over a span of three months from
February to April 2024.

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Anthropologist of data, AI, and cultures of computing, using research to provide valuable insights. PhD candidate in Applied Anthropology at Oregon State University.

Medical Anthropologist, Qualitative Researcher. She is interested in exploring the wide world of UX Research and understanding how anthropology translates into this space.

Undergraduate student in BASS Social Anthropology and Philosophy at the University of Manchester. His interests are in the intersection between anthropology, and science and technology.

Master's degree from Stockholm University in Social Anthropology. Her interests include urban anthropology, anthropology of the future, future cities, and future scenarios.

Anthropologist focused on applied anthropology and design. He explores how technology influences daily life and could contribute to sustainable urban living, particularly through UX research, Service Design, digital Archaeology, and gamification of education. His adeptness at integrating those different fields underscores his holistic approach to problem-solving and innovation.

Yakov is a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in the anthropology of mobility and infrastructure. He has expertise and a keen interest in applied ethnography.

Echo is just graduated with a major in anthropology. In the past, she has been into the intersection of political economy and ethnographic methods, and was fairly theory-oriented. At the end of college approached, she was wavering between transitioning to the job market or continuing in academia. She learned a bit about UX methods and career futures herself, and was very lucky to find the mentorship program just in time. She was mentored by Evon Tay. For the mentorship, her main goal was to learn about the real working environment and tasks of a UX researcher, what kind of skills the recruiters would look for, and how to transfer her skills.

Vera Visser

Cultural anthropologist and human ecologist. Experience in researching environmental issues through (visual) ethnographic means and working in alternative food initiatives.