WWNA 2018 Videos and Sketches

The fantastic Lisbon event is over. What seems to be clear by now, if you bring together “two kinds”, you happen to generate a palpable vibration in the room. However, there are no shortcuts and clear-cut answers. Therefore, let us follow the key message of the plenary session: stop accumulating “knowledge” and start making “things” because the world does need more designers and anthropologists working together.

Watch the welcome speeches of Miguel Vale de Almeida, Rosa Maria Perez and Dan Podjed. This year the event served a tasty variety – the playful talk of José Manuel dos Santos, a conceptually-rich presentation of Sarah Pink, a transdisciplinary journey of Jamer Hunt, and powerful confessions of Anna Kirah. As you go through the talks, feel free to download and use the priceless visual sketchnotes of Elvia Vasconcelos (above!).

In the Panel our discussants examined the human-centred design and design thinking with the emphasis on the value of ethnography, while acknowledging the opportunities arising from a collaborative approach between anthropology and design.

All 17 videos of “Perspectives: Powered by PechaKucha” will be added here in no time!