In partnership with Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo (UiO) we are proud to announce


25-27 October, Oslo, Norway

The 7th annual symposium that explores different applications of anthropology beyond traditional academia.

We increasingly inhabit and shape cities and they increasingly inhabit and shape us.

Despite and because of this, we are increasingly drawn into the contradictions and compromises of life in the city. According to the United Nations Development Programme, by 2050 two-thirds of the world’s population will be urban dwelling, giving rise to urgent questions of sustainability, and ‘green’ and ‘smart’ cities.

What remains is a consideration of the power relations underpinning or challenging such ideals and not least, the practical implications of such rapid growth. At WWNA 2019 we will explore this underbelly of the green city and ask how infrastructures in urban spaces play with or against our aspirations of smartness and greenness.      

> 4 Top speakers <

> 12-15 Thematic workshops <

> 15-20 Exhibition stands at City Hotspot < 

> 14 Perspectives: Powered by PechaKucha < 

> EASA Applied Anthropology Network meeting < 

> Networking and Social Events <


The full Programme will be released on 14 June, 2019.

The Registration starts on 1 July, 2019.