The European Association of Social Anthropologists’ Applied Anthropology Network appreciates the severity of the mounting situation surrounding the novel Coronavirus crisis. This has raised questions regarding whether or not the WWNA 2020 event will go ahead. The Network continues to plan an October event in Prague. However, we recommend that people who are interested in attending do not plan travel as yet. We have a team of volunteers who will continue to monitor the situation and how it applies to the Czech Republic and the rest of the world. We will update you as promptly as we can if and when the situation changes. Please sign up to email updates using the form below or keep an eye on our social media. Please exercise the utmost caution, we thank you for your patience and, above all, please stay safe.

The Applied Anthropology Network

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In partnership with Charles University, the University of Pardubice, the Czech Association for Social Anthropology, and Anthropictures, we are proud to announce:

The 8th edition of the annual event WHY THE WORLD NEEDS ANTHROPOLOGISTS, a symposium that explores different applications of anthropology beyond traditional academia!

At this year’s edition, MOBILIZING THE PLANET, we aim to create a collective movement to confront some of the most pressing and challenging global issues of our time. 

We want to discuss and act on current SOCIAL MOVEMENTS: how they emerge, disseminate and create space for different ways of socio-cultural transformation across the globe.

In an era of multilayered global crisis, witnessing amplified racial biases, segregation, inequality, polarisation, and the collapse of our democratic institutions and of our geosphere, we will create space for cooperation, inspiration and mutual learning.

MOBILIZING THE PLANET welcomes people from different backgrounds to share their stories, ideas and experiences. Following the paradigm shift from anthropocentric to life-centric, we want to discuss how to create sustainable and liveable futures for different forms of life across the planet Earth, by quitting the reduction of human and non-human life to mere resources to be exploited at our will.

We want to inform change for the better. We want to be inspired, not only to think more, but also to do more. We want to listen to change-makers who are creating movements across the globe that can inspire us to roll up our sleeves and TAKE ACTION.

Communication language: English

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