Apply Clubs are a space for sub-committees and more specific fields of applied anthropology to meet, exchange knowledge, discuss needs and action items, and find mentors, jobs and friends to support your career as an applied anthropologist…

Creating an Apply Club will give you a community of colleagues and allies sharing topical interests, allow you to create reading groups and book clubs, help you fundraise, find mentors, jobs and internships and link to other AAN Apply Clubs, existing AAN initiatives and help shape future ones.

To kick off your own Apply Club

If you are a group:

  • Prepare a 2-page document of your Club’s purpose, goals, concerns and hopes
  • Send it to Markus and Lora
  • Discuss with them and work out specifics

If you are an individual:

  • Prepare a 2-page document of your Club’s purpose, goals, concerns and hopes
  • Send it to Markus and Lora
  • They will set you up with people to help you create an infrastructure for you club
  • Discuss with them and work out specifics

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A C  B U I L T

Apply Club for Anthropology of the Built Environment

Where industry professionals, focused on people-centred design in the built environment, meet to exchange ideas, engage in interdisciplinary conversation, network with peers and obtain essential resources.

Dr. Gemma John, Founder and Director of Human City

An applied anthropologist, Gemma began her career in planning and architecture in 2014 with AECOM and Foster + Partners in London. She established Human City, a spatial strategy consultancy in 2017.

Christina Cheadle, Consultant at Stripe Partners

Christina is an anthropologist whose expertise lies in material culture and the home. She formerly worked with Marie Kondo of Japanese home organisation fame and currently is a research consultant at Stripe Partners in London.

Gemma John

Gemma John

AC Leader, Programming Committee Member

A C  D I G I

Apply Club for the Anthropology of Digital Methods

Simon Provoost

Simon Provoost

AC Leader, Programming Committee Member

We are interested in digital anthropology, netnography, remote research methods and tools, anthropological perspective to the digital and digitised world.

Dominika quit her PhD studies to conduct commercial research in the UX. She works as a UX research consultant for companies, governments and agencies. She is also a start-ups mentor at Start-it KBC.

Simon is a recent graduate in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies and Umanyx Escuela de Humanidades Aplicadas. Simon used to chair the student representatives at KU Leuven in Belgium, and is passionate about community-based projects and finding ways to build strong tribes.

A C  F I N A N C E

Apply Club for the Anthropology of Finance

Erin Taylor

Erin is a consultant, researcher and writer with 18 years of experience designing and implementing projects, directing teams, managing budgets, and producing outputs for diverse audiences, research strategy, design and implementation, cross-sector collaborations (industry, academia, government, NGOs) and writing about financial behaviour and human-technology interaction

Frank Romagosa

Frank is an anthropologist, a design and research strategist, and a brand and business builder, based in New York, USA. For over 20 years Frank has worked with designers and product leaders from a broad range of Fortune 100 enterprises to young and nimble startups to build new products, platforms, services, and user experiences. In a phrase, Frank’s work is about transforming organizations by making sure that real human experiences tell the story.

Helena Linde Pedersen

Helena is a human-centered researcher, innovation strategist and financial activist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With her background in business and economic anthropology, she bridges a commercial mindset with a drive to ensure critical engagement, social responsibilty and environmental and financial sustainability in all her work. She is currently on a mission to build and strengthen the research culture at Danish fintech Unicorn, Pleo to ensure they sustain customer centricity as they grow and bring Pleo to an evermore diverse range of users.


A C  I N N O

Apply Club for the Anthropology of Innovation

Angela Kristin VandenBroek, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Texas State University

Angela has more than thirteen years of experience in design, web development, and applied research. Her research sits at the intersection of business and design anthropology and science and technology studies with a focus on how ambitions for better futures by states, citizens and entrepreneurs are co-opted and reformed by innovation culture and its infrastructures.

Lora Koycheva, co-convenor of the EASA AAN, Visiting Researcher at the Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Humanities, Munich University

Lora has experience as a coach, researcher, and teacher in the innovation and entrepreneurship sphere and, most recently, she was a senior research associate at the Technical University of Munich’s Faculty of Management. Her research encompasses a variety of disciplines and approaches, always through an anthropological lens. But recently, she has been researching and writing on entrepreneurial selves, radical innovation and everyday life, and the methodological and conceptual requirements for anthropological and entrepreneurship research to converge. She is also co-founding an initiative on rebuilding the human condition with robots. 

Markus Rothmüller, co-convenor of the EASA AAN

Markus is a Techno-Anthropologist by training and applies anthropology in business, design and product development. He has worked in the fields of future studies, user research, corporate innovation and venture building with a special focus and passion for emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles, smart home, digital health and wellbeing.

A C  O R G

Apply Club for the Anthropology of Organization

Jelte Vegter

Jelte has been active around the topic of organizational anthropology in the Netherlands in a variety of ways. He has written an explainer on organizational anthropology for university students. Currently he’s finishing his masters in culture, organization and management at the VU university, while also fulfilling the role of ‘organizational anthropologist’ at the L&D startup THYNK. He has recently joined the Dutch Anthropological Association, focusing especially on promoting organizational anthropology in universities.

Yara van Hamburg

Yara works as a project manager mainly with stakeholders perspectives and projects with interdisciplinary teams. In this position, she applies the methods and skills from organizational anthropology, which she discovered in retrospect. While studying, she never got in contact with this sub-discipline, which is interesting as it has been a red thread throughout her education and career. She is active in a number of associations, focus groups and networks in the field of anthropology, as she is passionate about forming connections as a way to stimulate awareness and to create a conjunction


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