Perspectives & Future Movements

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11 Sep 2021
Charles University / ONLINE

Perspectives & Future Movements

Pecha Kucha-style presentations up to 10 mins, followed by Q&A. Ideal for those creatively inclined, wanting to express their work in powerful and visually compelling form.

Alongside scholars and activists, the format will welcome talks of WWNA partners and sponsors. 

Perspectives will run alongside Future Movements talks.

Room 1

  • SdruŽeny Collective: Building Feminist Infrastructure in the Czech Republic
  • LeftEast: All Quiet on the Eastern Front? LeftEast and Decentred International Solidarity
  • Ondřej Cakl / Unconditional Basic Collective (UBC): Demobilizing via Unconditional Basic Income
  • Yassmine Najime & Filip Hausknecht / Budoucnost (The Future): Gathering the Mass: The Creation of a Movement in favour of People’s Needs
  • Karen Schewina / Ernährungs Demokratie Jetzt: Food policy councils on the rise: why policy entrepreneurs need post-heroic leadership
  • Andrea Průchová Hrůzová / Fresh Eye: Visual Activism: Challenges, Opportunities & WAVE
  • EPOS 257: Fire Mountain
  • Diana Young / CLARA Collective: From Fragmentation to Strategic Unity
  • Ewa Chomicka, Culture for Climate / Museums for Climate: Culture for Climate: Opportunities, Challenges, Barriers

Room 2

  • Jakub Zelený / People in Need (Člověk v tísni): What Czech Youth Think about Climate Change: Results of a brand new Survey and Ammunition for Innovative Communication
  • Marina Baiduzh, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration: The sense of place and urban development: Why local identity became local community?
  • Antonia Gama / University of Manchester: My Piece of Land: Media Activism against Favela Eviction in Rio de Janeiro
  • Lukáš Senft and Tereza Stöckelová /  Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences: In deference of the old (bio)social movements: The legislative and citizen expertise mycelium of the Czech mushroom foraging
  • Ivan Cukeric / EdgeRyders OU: The City of Witness: The Ethnography of Utopia
  • Lea Møller Svendsen / IS IT A BIRD: What Gendered Narratives are We Teaching our Kids?

Room 3

  • LiiV: Digital Anthropology
  • Rosalie Post & Corina Enache / NAMLA – Bootcamps for Anthropologists
  • Henrique Nacimiento / With Company: The Coordination Economy
  • Marguerite Coetzee / The Omniology Project: Casting Shadows
  • Louise Pasteur de Faria / Halo Ethnographic Bureau: Anthropology: The Discipline of Change
  • Riall Nolan / Purdue University: Improving Career Preparation for Anthropologists: The Career Readiness Commission
  • Matt Artz /  Cloudshadow & Anthro to UX: Algorithmic Bias and the Creator Economy: How Can We Make it More Fair and Inclusive?
  • Sebastian Vetter / Innovative Strategy & Vanessa Cantinho Jesus: Re-inventing Collective Cultural Frameworks / Putting Classic Concepts into Action: Liminality and Innovation at a Crossroads
  • Marisa Toldo (Apply Club Built Environment) Villa Adriano Toldo
  • Erin Taylor / Finanthropology (Apply Club Finance): Why Finance Needs Anthropology


Access: onsite + online

Length: 2 hours (coffee break in between)

Date: 11 September, 10:00-12:00

Location: Faculty of Arts, Charles University and Online


Photo credit: Faculty of Arts, Charles University

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