W7: Sensory Walk

27 Oct 2018
13:30 - 16:30
Building 2, Room C401

W7: Sensory Walk

Time: 13:30 – 16:30

Location: ISCTE, Building 2, Room C401



SENSOTRA project, University of Eastern Finland

Aim of the workshop

  • to observe the environment through your senses 

What will be going on in the workshop

This walk is related to our project SENSOTRA on Sensory Transformations, which seeks to produce new understanding on how different generations relate to and experience their environment. Furthermore, the project is interested in knowing what roles technology and different technological devices play in people’s lives and how they affect their perceptions thereof.

About the sensory walking: 

The method of sensory walk as such is very simple. It is a group version of Helmi Järviluoma’s method sensobiographic walk where a path meaningful to one person is chosen. Today we will all walk as one group through a path in Lisbon, selected by the workshop instructors. While walking, silently, we observe the path with all senses. As an artistic practice, the sensory memory walk relates to site-specific art. The method has multiple roots. In its current form the method was developed in the course of the ethnographic work done for the Acoustic Environments in Change (AEC) research project, which charted local European soundscapes.  The meanings of space are constructed in the dynamic movement through space, in which the walkers create a relationship with space and become its authors. The processes of remembering the past are in motion: dynamic, situational and affected by one’s state of mind.   

Gained skills

  • participants will learn about the SENSOTRA project and how to use the method of sensobiographic walk

Participants should bring:

  • walking shoes