2013: New fields for applied anthropology in Europe

The first EASA Applied Anthropology Network symposium entitled “Why the world needs anthropologists” took place on 29 November 2013 at Tropenmuseum Amsterdam. It offered various answers to the burning question posed in the event’s title. The event attracted nearly 200 guests from all over Europe and featured three world-famous applied anthropologists: Anna Kirah (Making Waves, Norway), Jitske Kramer (HumanDimensions, Netherlands), and Simon Roberts (Stripe Partners, United Kingdom). Their inspiring speeches were followed by an intriguing panel discussion moderated by Dan Podjed, the coordinator of EASA Applied Anthropology Network.

The event in Amsterdam was a result of collaboration between several Slovenian, Dutch, and international institutions. In addition to EASA Applied Anthropology Network, the event was organised by VU University Amsterdam, University of Ljubljana, Dutch Anthropological Association, Tropenmuseum, and Institute for Innovation and Development of the University of Ljubljana. Sponsor resources were provided by Dutch foundation Vamos Bien!, Slovenian Research Agency, and Slovenian company Metronik.

The realisation of the symposium was taken care of by students of VU University Amsterdam Department of Anthropology, Dan Podjed from University of Ljubljana, Ellen Bal and Rhoda Woets from VU University Amsterdam, and Meta Gorup from Ghent University.


29 November 2013

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Anna Kirah (Making Waves)
  • Jitske Kramer (HumanDimensions)
  • Simon Roberts (Stripe Partners)

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