About WWNA


What is the WWNA?

Why The World Needs Anthropologists is a showdown of the most thought-provoking issues, bursting out of the intersections of academia and aligned industries. Attracting 2,200 participants from varying disciplines and sectors, the flagship symposium of EASA’s Applied Anthropology Network has been providing a platform for discussion and action since 2013. 

WWNA’s model usually features immersive plenary talks and moderated panel discussions in the iconic local venues. Like-minded professionals, students and graduates mingle at the Hotspot exhibition. 

The next day, WWNA sponsors, partners and participants run hands-on, themed workshops and smaller case-study-oriented sessions such as Perspectives

The third day is dedicated to the site-specific activities and the annual European Applied Anthropology Network Meeting.

When all is said and done, we will enjoy social events in the heart of Central Europe.

If all of this sounds appealing, then “Mobilizing the Planet” is right up your street!

Check out our past events dating back to WWNA 2013 in Amsterdam in the “Past Events” section in the menu.

Who is the WWNA?


Organising Committee – onsite participation

The backbone of any successful WWNA event is the Organising Committee, which is the main decision-making and program-making body of the event. Each year it consists of local organising team members, and AAN convenors, based remotely across Europe, who are assigned specific tasks and responsibilities.

Antonio Greco

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Lora Koycheva

EASA Applied Anthropology Network / Rachel Carson Center, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität

Anna Berza

EASA Applied Anthropology Network / Initiative for Useful Anthropology

Markus Rothmüller

EASA Applied Anthropology Network / Bridgemaker GmbH

Nicoletta Pavese

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Mina P. Baginova

University College London / Charles University

Pavel Borecký

EASA Applied Anthropology Network / University of Bern

Aneta Brunerová

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Bhavesh Jadva

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Bérénice Perroud

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Petra Smutná

EASA Applied Anthropology Network

Advisory Group – onsite participation

The Advisory Group is a team of high-level experts and local stakeholders that provides guidance on key organisational issues.

Petra Ezzeddine

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

Adam Horálek

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Pardubice

Filip Hausknecht

'Future' political movement

Markéta Zandlová

Czech Association for Social Anthropology

Marek Jakoubek

Institute of Ethnology, Charles University

Martin Heřmanský

Faculty of Humanities, Charles University

Tereza Stöckelová

National Contact Centre for Gender & Science, Czech Academy of Sciences

Václav Drozd

Central European Organising Center

Anna Kárníková

Friends of the Earth Czech Republic

Hana Synková

Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Pardubice

Barbora Bírová

Anthropictures / Charles University


“An amazing conference! And definitely one of the best I have been to. Looking forward to the next one.”


Sarah Pink,
Professor of
and Emerging
Technologies at
Monash University 

“What I really appreciated was the variety of formats and ways of engaging. It made things much more dynamic and thought-provoking.”

Jamer Hunt,
Vice Provost
The New School 

“The energy was terrific, and I am thrilled to have met so many fantastic people and hear awesome presentations. I had fun and learned a great deal.”

Alisse Waterston,
ex-President of AAA and
Professor of Anthropology at CUNY