2018: Designing the Future


The 6th edition of „Why the World Needs Anthropologists“ focused on design anthropology, methods and practical applications, and its potential for framing the future of humanity around the world.

On 26-28 October, 300 participants from 33 countries (160 trained anthropologist, 140 trained designers)
engaged in the timely conversation around the key message of “Designing the Future“: stop
accumulating “knowledge” and start making “things”. The event was hosted by the city of Lisbon and supported by a wide coalition of partners.

Miguel Vale de Almeida and Rosa Maria Perez (ISCTE) welcomed our guests in beautiful Museu do Oriente. The Plenary Session presented José Manuel dos Santos (Signify), Sarah Pink (RMIT University), Jamer Hunt (Parsons School of Design) and Anna Kirah (Design Without Borders), as well as Design Hotspot area with 16 companies and institutions.

On the second day, the record-breaking 13 workshops and innovative “Perspectives”, PechaKucha-like speed-talks, opened the floor to the audience. WWNA 2018 was crowned by the session with a former AAA president Prof. Alisse Waterston, moderated by Dan Podjed and Laura Korčulanin. The free-of-charge event run on a voluntary basis was financially supported by 27 partners and 14 local volunteers.

Design Hotspot

Ipsos Ethnography, UNIDCOM/IADESignifyPolar InsightKM ZERO Open Innovation HubAntropología 2.0Give a ShitThe UK Policy LabFabLab LisboaWith CompanyUXPressiaDesignitThe Colour of LabourBeta-IInsitumFuture Footwear FoundationHorowitz Research


Ajda Pretnar/ University of Ljubljana
Es Braziel/ Microsoft
Mariya Ivancheva/ University of Leeds
Maria Azevedo Coutinho, Hélène Veiga Gomes, Laura Korčulanin and Hugo Rocha/ CRIA-ISCTE and IADE
Elisa Bertolotti, Susana Gonzaga and Valentina Vezzani/ University of Madeira
Tiago Nunes and Rui Quinta/ With Company
Rajko Muršič and Sonja Pöllänen, Sensotra Project
Katalin Osz, Kaspar Raats, Vaike Fors, Thomas Lindgren, Annie Rydström and Robert Broström/ Halmstad University and Volvo Cars
Yoel Lenti/ Insitum
Yuri Vedenin and Yana Sanko/ UXPressia
Maren Moe Stokke Maren, Agata Ballaun and Bettina Koebler/ Designit
Marco Ermidas, Guadalupe Carvalho and Alisson Avila/ Beta-i
Steffen Jöhncke and Bettina Skårup/ AnthroAnalysis

Perspectives: Powered by PechaKucha

Matthew J. Lariviere (University of Sheffield), Tracy Pilar Johnson and Nikki Tyler (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Catherine Willems (Future Footwear Foundation), Stine Louring Nielsen (Aalborg University), Anne Schiffer (Leeds Beckett University), Isabelle Moussaoui (Electricité de France), Mateusz Halawa (School of Form), Antonella Fabri and Pamela Roach (The Breakthrough), Ezri Carlebach (University of Greenwich), Jagna Jaworowska (School of Form), Howard Horowitz (Horowitz Research), Aga Szypicyn (Stripe Partners), Marco Emidas and Guadalupe Carvalho (Beta-I), Cristina Conesa (A Piece of Pie), Flavia Canelo (Inter-cultura), Fernando Galdino Pedron (GfK Verein), Simone Ashby (Madeira Interactive Technology Institute), Jitske Kramer (Human Dimensions)


EASA Applied Anthropology Network, CRIA – Centro em Rede de Investigação de Antropologia, APA – Associação Portuguesa de Antropologia, UNIDCOM/IADE – Universidade Europeia, ICS – Instituto de Ciências Sociais, ISCTE – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Organising Committee

Dan Podjed (ZRC-SAZU/ EASA AAN), Pavel Borecký (University of Bern/ EASA AAN), Verónica Reyero (Antropología 2.0/ EASA AAN), Pablo Mondragón Valero (Antropología 2.0),

Laura Korčulanin (Local Event Coordinator/ IADE-UE), Hélène Veiga Gomes (CRIA), Hugo Rocha (IADE-UE)

Steering Committee

Isabel Cardana (APA)Emilia Duarte (IADE-UE)Ana Margarida Ferreira (IADE-UE)Filipe Reis (ISCTE-IUL)Mafalda Melo Sousa (CRIA/ISCTE-IUL)Antónia Pedroso de Lima (ISCTE-IUL)Clara Saraiva (APA)


Michelle Dolan, Ezri Carlebach, Harshavardhan Sushant, Michelle Nahum Sembira, Jose Carlos Sancho Ezquerra, Patricia Fraga, Jorge Ivan Contreras Cardeño, Pedro Machado, Inês Campeão, Carolina Oliveira, Dora Rebelo, Maria Rosaria Esposito, Marta Garcia Moreira, Bruno Abrantes, Leonor Pina, Joana Martins, Cecília Luis, Vanessa Amorim, Rita Costa, André Soares

26-27 October 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

  • José Manuel dos Santos (Signify)
  • Sarah Pink (RMIT University)
  • Jamer Hunt (Parsons School of Design)
  • Anna Kirah (Design Without Borders)

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Welcome Speeches, Talks and Panel Discussion

Sponsors and Partners

Powered by PEOPLE

The event was supported by People-Centred Development Approaches in Practical and Learning Environments, the international project co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme.


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