Applied Anthropology Network has perused and collated some literature that presents innovations in applied and engaged anthropology. Below you’ll see a range of theoretical and ethnographic journals, books and articles exemplifying participatory research methods by respected organisations and individuals.

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National Association for the Practice of AnthropologyAssociation of Social AnthropologistsSociety for Applied Anthropology




Anthropology in ActionPracticing AnthropologyOMERTAA: Journal of Applied AnthropologyHuman Organisation




A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology ed Riall W NolanAnthropology And Consultancy Issues And Debates Edited By Pamela Stewart And Andrew StrathernAnthropology And Public Service The UK Experience Edited By Jeremy MacclancyAnthropology in Practice: Building a Career Outside the Academy (Directions in Applied Anthropology) by Riall W. Nolan Anthropology Put to Work Editors: Les Field, Richard G. Fox
APPLICATIONS OF ANTHROPOLOGY Professional Anthropology in the Twenty-first Century Edited by Sarah PinkApplied Anthropology: An Introduction Third Edition 3rd Edition by John van WilligenApplied Anthropology: Domains of Application 1st Edition by Satish Kedia, John van Willigen Applied Anthropology: Tools and Perspectives for Contemporary Practice (2nd Edition) 2nd Edition by Alexander M. Ervin Applied Anthropology Unexpected Spaces, Topics and Methods, 1st Edition Edited by Sheena Nahm, Cortney Hughes Rinker
Applying Anthropology: An Introductory Reader 10th Edition by Aaron Podolefsky, Peter Brown, Scott Lacy Becoming a practicing anthropologist: A guide to careers and training programs in applied anthropology 1987 by John Van Willigen Careers in Anthropology by John T. Omohundro Careers in Applied Anthropology in the 21st Century: Perspectives from Academics and Practitioners Editor: Carla Guerrón‐MonteroETHNOGRAPHY AND THE CORPORATE ENCOUNTER Reflections on Research in and of Corporations Edited by Melissa Cefkin
MEDIA, ANTHROPOLOGY AND PUBLIC ENGAGEMENT Edited by Sarah Pink and Simone AbramPUBLIC ANTHROPOLOGY IN A BORDERLESS WORLD Edited by Sam Beck and Carl A. MaidaThe Applied Anthropology Reader 1st Edition by James H. McDonaldTHE ETHICS OF KNOWLEDGE CREATION Transactions, Relations, and Persons Edited by Lisette Josephides and Anne Sigfrid GrønsethTHEORETICAL SCHOLARSHIP AND APPLIED PRACTICE Edited by Sarah Pink, Vaike Fors, and Tom O'Dell
TOWARD ENGAGED ANTHROPOLOGY Edited by Sam Beck and Carl A. Maida Using Anthropology in the World 1st Edition by Riall W. Nolan Visual Interventions (Studies in Public and Applied Anthropology) 1st Edition by Sarah Pink What Anthropologists Do By: Veronica Strang


Selected Articles

Applied Anthropology in Europe: Historical Obstacles, Current Situation, Future Challenges

Dan Podjed, Meta Gorup, and Alenka Bezjak Mlakar
Anthropology in Action (2016)

What Comes Next in European Applied Anthropology?

Dan Podjed and Meta Gorup
Anthropology in Action (2014)

Reclaiming Applied Anthropology: Its Past, Present, and Future

Barbara Rylko-Bauer, Merrill Singer and John Van Willigen
American Anthropologist (2006)

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