2017: Powering the Planet

On 28 and 29 October, the network co-organized the fifth edition of the annual symposium „Why the World Needs Anthropologists“ for 273 registered participants entitled „Powering the Planet“ in Durham, UK. Whereas the aim was to promote applied anthropology in Europe and to explore how energy professionals can cooperate with anthropologists to design and deploy energy innovations, among seven other organising partners, the key role of the event host was assigned to Durham Energy Institute.

The four speakers presenting at Durham University were Benj Sykes, UK Country Manager of DONG, Tanja Winther, Associate Professor at Centre for Development and the Environment (University of Oslo), Sophie Bouly de Lesdain, Expert Researcher at Electricité de France, and Veronica Strang, Executive Director of the Institute of Advanced Study (Durham University). Energy Hotspot with exhibition stands of seventeen companies and institutions provided information on job opportunities for graduates and anthro-energy-related projects.

The second day offered five thematic workshops focused on conflicted moralities of energy consumption (Energethics), building corporate cultures of sustainability (The Culture Academy), enculturing skills for renewable energy (The Low Carbon Energy for Development Network), adapting value of reflexive thinking (ASA Network of Applied Anthropologists), and exploring history of mining (Department of Anthropology).

Energy Hotspot participants: Access for Women in Energy, Antropología 2.0, Antropologerne, ASA Apply, Durham Energy Institute, Durham Department of Anthropology, Durham University Electric Motors, EASA Applied Anthropology Network, EASA Energy Anthropology Network, Energethics, MyGridGB, PEOPLE Project, Power in the Land, Practical Action, Social Innovation Community, The Culture Academy, The Royal Anthropological Institute of the Great Britain, The Low Carbon Energy for Development Network, VU University Amsterdam

Organising Committee: Simone A. Abram, Sandra Bell, Pavel Borecký, Ben Campbell, Lynn Gibson, Meta Gorup, Dan Podjed, Evelyn Tehrani

Sponsors: EASA, ASA Apply, Durham Energy Institute, Durham Department of Anthropology, Durham Institute of Advanced Study

28-29 October 2017

Durham, UK

  • Benj Sykes (DONG Energy)
  • Tanja Winther (University of Oslo)
  • Sophie Bouly de Lesdain (Electricité de France)
  • Veronica Strang (Durham University)

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Photo credit: Maria Șalaru

This event was a result of DriveGreen: the project to develop a culture-sensitive smartphone app for the promotion of sustainable mobility.

This event was a result of People-Centred Development Approaches in Practical and Learning Environments: the international project co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ Programme.

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