W13: Applying Anthropology in the Consultancy Circuit

27 Oct 2018
13:30 - 16:30
Building 2, Room C104

W13: Applying Anthropology in the Consultancy Circuit

Time: 13:30 – 16:30

Location: ISCTE, Building 2, Room C104


Aim of the workshop

The aim of the workshop is to introduce participants to the first crucial steps in the development of projects with partners who have identified a problem that they need anthropological input to help solve. We will explore how ethnographic skills may be employed in order to gain an understanding of the task at hand.

What will be going on in the workshop

There will be introductory presentations of the experiences and approaches of AnthroAnalysis, as well as an introduction to the work of the groups in the workshop. Groups will work with one of two cases, and there will be common discussion of results as well as a round of reflection on experiences gained.

Gained skills

Insights into how anthropology may be applied to practical problems that initially are defined by collaborators – experience with the first steps and hopefully an appetite for going further oneself.

Participants should bring

  • energy and enthusiasm

Preparatory Work

  • No preparation is strictly needed, but participants may find it interesting to read this text by Marietta Baba: “Anthropology and Business”.