26 Oct 2019
13:30 - 16:30
Undervisningsrom 3


Time: 13:30 – 16:30

Location: Undervisningsrom 3


  • Marrije Prins, Research Associate Faculty of Social Sciences, Social and Cultural Anthropology VU Amsterdam (NL)
  • Sara Arko, Researcher, Metronik (SI)

Aim of the workshop

  • The key aim of the workshop is to demonstrate how people-centered development approaches can be applied in industrial, practical and real-life settings and how anthropology together with ethnographic methods can bring value to product and service design and development process. PEOPLE project forms and connects interdisciplinary groups of students, university professors and researchers and practitioners from the industry and local government. The teams work on relevant challenges that derive from industrial and societal environments and apply their anthropological knowledge in real-life settings for product and service development. With the workshop we want to demonstrate and guide participants how to initiate, organize, plan, deliver and evaluate their specific PEOPLE project or case studies that could be based on university-industry co-creation and connect social science expertise with engineering and technical fields and work areas.


  • Gained skills are:
  • Understanding university-industry collaboration.
  • Understanding interdisciplinary co-creation between social sciences and technical sciences (e.g. engineering).
  • Doing ethnographic research in industrial settings.
  • Using the people-centered development approach to develop new solutions.
  • Project management skills.


  • We will start with introducing the PEOPLE project, our methodology and key results. In smaller groups, workshop participants will develop their own PEOPLE projects, addressing several predefined real-life industrial and societal challenges. They will be guided to elaborate their specific research & development proposal based on the 4 steps of the people-centered development methodology: 1) identification, 2) analysis, 3) interpretation and 4) testing. The result of each group is an applied anthropology project proposal with a research & development plan that can be offered to external organizations (industry, local government etc.). The groups will need to do a short pitch of their proposal in front of other participants.


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