Global Anthropology Leadership Initiative

Global Anthropology Leadership Initiative

In this business meeting, the AAN invites the leaders of its sister organizations worldwide – EASA, AAN, NAPA, SfAA, EPIC, GBAS, WCAA, WAU to kickoff an ambitious program addressing the conditions of precarity in which contemporary anthropologists operate.

The goal of the Global Anthropology Leadership Initiative is to create a responsive infrastructure for our generation of anthropologists, whether academic or applied, one whose purpose is resilience building in recognition of the conditions of precarity in which we all work.

Organized around 3 fundamental domains – inclusion, solidarity, and legitimacy – the initiative will promote, as well as enable them.

Since the capacity for on-site attendance is limited, coordinators will select the participants. Mark your interest during online Registration (part of Ticket purchase).


Access: onsite + online

Length: 1,5 hour

Date: 12 September, 17:00-18:30

Capacity: app. 35 people + unlimited online

Location: TBC

Coordinators: Lora Koycheva, Markus Rothmüller, Pavel Borecký