Lunch Break, City Hotspot and Meet-up

Lunch Break, City Hotspot and Meet-up

City Hotspot

Partners and Sponsors will set up their stalls in the main hall of Youngs. Do not miss the chance to meet your prospective (future) colleagues and to see what is happening in the world of sustainability and applied anthropology.

Hotspot coordination: Melina Hozhabri


Lunch on Day 1 (pre-order and pre-pay) 

We are hosted by Youngs on Day 1 where you are able to buy either:

“Sandwich Muffaletta” (Provolone, pickles, olives, cured meat) for 119 NOK

“Sandwich Verde” (grilled veggies, tomato sauce and aioli) for 109 NOK

“Daily Pizza” consisting of two pieces of Pizza Margharita or Pizza with Salami with a daily green salad (price tba).

If you want to have a lunch option guaranteed and waiting for you, please make sure you indicate your choice in Google Form. See your WWNA Information Package in your mailbox. 

Payment will occur upon registration via VIPPS (Norwegian direct payment app) or by credit card (no cash!).



The serious-cool Meet-up after lunch and before the next session hosted by Hélene. Are you using EPIC EVENTS app? See the instruction here. If you do, this is the perfect time to meet the attendees and find your perfect match! Half-an-hour of professional chill and very serious fun.

Meet-up by Youngs Meeting Point: 14:15-14:45

Moderator: Hélène Veiga Gomes

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